Winter Moon

The full moon rose last night behind a large old mulberry tree at the edge of our pasture.

And this is our place.

From L to R:  There’s an old barn(with the security light), a small grain bin, the garden shed, and our house with the light in the downstairs window.

I considered lightening these images up, but hey, it was night, and this is what it looks like where we live: very dark, and we can see all the stars easily.

Did you catch the full moon last night?

(If you’re having trouble seeing  these images, view them in a dark room, let your eyes adjust to the dark, and I promise the pictures will come to life.)


 To take pictures at night, put your camera on a tripod, attach a shutter release to your camera, turn your autofocus off and switch to manual, turn your image stabilization off, set your camera to aperture priority, your ISO to 125, and your aperture to 10. Set your LCD to live-view, manually focus on your subject, and then click the shutter release, being careful not to touch the camera or tripod while the shutter is open. 

I know this might sound overwhelming if you’ve never done it before, but it’s not that hard, I promise. Questions? Just ask.