The Last Of The Wheat Harvest

Monday evening I spent some time in the wheat field with Harland as he finished up the last of the harvest. The weather forecast for this week is good, no rain and lower humidity, so he was making good progress and was almost done.

Round and round Harland went on the combine.

After a half hour or so of Harland going in circles, and me running around the field trying to keep up and get pics while wearing the latest in wheat field fashion- a pink tee, green plain skort, and muck boots- I was grateful when he called me on the cell and asked if I wanted to get a pic of him unloading the wheat.  Red faced and panting from the heat, I said YES.  I climbed up onto the grain truck, sat on the top edge, and rested my feet in a mountain of wheat.

It looks really good this year.

Here’s a bird’s eye view of the combine.

And here he comes.

The truck is almost full, just a little bit more can be put in the far end.

When he’s done topping off this truck, he goes over to the grain cart behind the tractor to get rid of the last of his load.

Then Harland comes back,

and asks me if I want a ride. Hmmm….here’s a hard decision.  Ride around in air-conditioned comfort with the hubby, or go back to running around the field in muck boots, which is roughly comparable to running in a giant vat of peanut butter.  Easy decision.

So I rode around for a while, then got back off and took a few last pics of the wheat in the setting sun while Harland finished up for the evening.

After the sun set, Harland pulled over to the grain cart to unload,

and so ended another long day.

The next day, he was back again to finish the harvest, and then he moved on to work on cutting hay for baling.

But that’s a post for tomorrow.


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