The Gift

Harland and I spent Christmas day with my family back in Missouri. We stayed the night there, and we were back home the following day. We hadn’t opened our gifts to each other on Christmas eve, so Monday afternoon we sat down to open them. We had only given each other one gift each as about a month ago, we bought a water softener and figured that should be our Christmas gift to each other due to the cost. (By the way I’m in love with the water softener and go down into the basement regularly to give it a hug.)

Anyway, back to the gift opening:  Harland opened his first. I had given him a DVD boxed set, a new release called Catholicism, which is a history of the Catholic church, but also a great history of the origins of Christianity. Anywho, when he opened his gift he was excited, but also looked somewhat sheepish. He told me to open mine, which I did, and discovered it was also a DVD, and in fact was theEXACT SAME DVD boxed set called Catholicism! He had bought it about a month ago, while I bought it a week before Christmas (ok, so I’m a procrastinator). We had heard about the dvd before, and had thought it might be interesting to watch, but we hadn’t talked about buying it. Just one of those things you think about in passing. 

So we’re both amazed and puzzled as to how we ended up buying each other the exact same gift.  Funny thing is, I had wrapped mine first and placed it under the tree, and when Harland put his under the tree, I remember the thought popping into my head, “I wonder if it’s the same thing?” even though we used different size boxes. But then I thought, “The chances of us giving each other the same gift are too great, can’t be……ridiculous”.

Well, I guess the chances were greater than I thought.

We’ve watched the first few episodes of the set, and are learning much about our faith. We initially thought we’d return the extra copy of the DVD, but then we decided to loan it around to family and friends.

One of our best friends likes to say “There are no coincidences, only God-incidences”.

These words ring very true here.


——–>    UP NEXT:  I finally found/created a good multigrain bread recipe to share with you!