Hazel Has Her Calf

Hazel from the Maternity Ward had her calf on Tuesday evening. You might remember Hazel was the one who,

“is worried about stretch marks and the upcoming swimsuit season”

Before I got home from work, Harland saw her lifting her tail and holding it there. Heifers only lift their tails to go to the bathroom, or when they are in labor. So Harland put her in a pen in the barn, and then he had to leave to attend a firefighter night class. I checked on her throughout the evening and texted Harland what was going on:

7:50pm – Two feet just barely sticking out. (This is always a welcome sight. HERE’S what happens when only one foot presents itself)

8:41pm – Calf on the ground. Mama up talking to it (Yeah!) but not cleaning (Boo!). Calf sitting up breathing ok. (Mother needs to lick the calf to get it cleaned up and dry. Not a big deal if it is a warm evening like it was this night, but if it’s cold, the calf could freeze to death if not properly cleaned off by the mother.)

8:55pm – Mama figured it out. Cleaning calf off..doing great job. (Yeah!!)  Possum eating catfood…crunch crunch…will check back on calf in a while.

We feed the barn cats in the morning, and hope they clean up their food by nightfall when the possums and racoons are out. We don’t want to feed all the wildlife in the neighborhood, but apparantly there was some leftover catfood this night because as I stood there watching Hazel and her newborn calf I heard a crunching sound behind me. I turned to look, and there, not 20 feet from me was a possum chowing down. Sometimes our life is a 3-ring circus.

“We have a great show for you tonight folks!  Over here we have a heifer delivering her calf, and if you look over here we have a possum eating catfood. Make sure to get your souvenirs before you leave!”

Anyway, here’s the calf shortly after it was born:

And here it is 24 hours later:

Look how clean and fluffy it is. Hazel did a great job.

After letting me get close-up pictures, the calf got to its feet and stretched,

came over to me for a closer look,

and then ran away to Hazel for supper.

Hazel:    If I keep licking my stretch marks, will they go away?

Me:   Not likely dear. You just gave birth to a 70 pound baby.

Hazel:   Oh noooo……..   I’m never going to the beach again.

Me:  We’re in Kansas, there’s no beach here.

Hazel:   Oh! Well, that’s ok then.


So that’s 4 heifers down, and 6 more to go.  Stay Tuned!

Have a great day all!