The Latest On The Storm

Late yesterday, the National Weather Service changed their forecast for our area and increased the snow accumulation from 5 inches to 12. Sometime in the night, it began to snow.

But this morning, the weather service changed the snow amount again, this time moving it back down to 5 inches.

My drive into work this morning was uneventful. I drove our 4 wheel drive truck. The snow was trying to drift across the road, but it was no biggie.


It’s been snowing and drifting all day, and the wind has been blowing out of the north at about 25 mph with a wind chill of 13 degrees F.

The latest map shows the storm moving off to the northeast away from us. (We live in northeast Kansas)


And we’ve been downgraded from a “Winter Storm Warning” down to a “Winter Weather Advisory”.


No more pretty red, now we’re a color that strongly resembles calf scours. ┬áBlech.

Here’s our latest forecast:


So the good news is we didn’t get the ice and there were no power outages. Looks like we dodged a bullet.

Hope you are all safe and warm today.