For The Love Of Asparagus

Several years ago, we planted a bed of asparagus in our yard. We didn’t put it in the vegetable garden, but created a bed for it near the garden in the backyard. Each spring I edge the invading grass around the bed and mulch it. Saturday, I found time to do this.

It took a couple hours to edge the bed, and then another few hours to bring 5 wheelbarrow loads of wheat straw down from the barn and then put down bricks on the straw to keep the wind from taking it all away. It was a windy day (about 30-40mph) and it was a tricky thing to get the straw from the barn and onto the bed without the wind taking it. I used some scrap lumber to weigh down the straw in the wheelbarrow, and then lay bricks onto the straw as I mulched. One handful of straw, one brick, one handful of straw, one brick…and so on. I wore plenty of sunscreen, and had tied my hat onto my head with a string, knotted under my chin tightly. I was exhausted by the time I was done, but am quite proud of how it turned out.

Asparagus (1)

We’ve had a couple meals already and look forward to a few more weeks of fresh asparagus before the season ends. What I won’t do for fresh asparagus.

Asparagus (2)

In the vegetable garden, the potatoes were planted back around St. Patrick’s day and should be up any day now.

I planted tomato seeds last week in an egg carton, and they are up already.


This year I’m trying something new:  Tired of my little seedlings becoming all leggy stretching for the light on my windowsill, I’ve put the egg carton on the dashboard of my car during the day. Sunny and warm, it’s the perfect greenhouse. Sometimes I drive around with them while doing errands.

What? Doesn’t everyone take their seedlings for a drive?