Dried Orange Slice Ornaments

I’m a little late on this I know, but hey, you can file it away for next Christmas if your interested in making some of these for your tree next year.


This year I wanted to make some ornaments for our old-fashioned cedar Christmas tree, and in searching the internet I came across a tutorial for how to dry orange slices and then use them for ornaments. Very homespun and inexpensive, not to mention easy. So I gave it a whirl:

First, you slice the oranges(I used 3 oranges) about 1/4 inch thin or thinner if you can.

Then spread the slices out on paper towels to absorb some of the juice and leave for about 15 minutes. Turn the slices over to dry the other side too.

As usual in our house, no task is done without the “supervisor” taking note:

Kitty:  I think they should be sliced thinner.

Me:   Hey, it’s not easy to slice an orange thin and evenly. I did my best and they’ll turn out ok, you’ll see.

Kitty:   I’m going to have to write you up for poor workmanship. 

Me:   I think you need a nap Kitty.

Then preheat your oven on 170 degrees F. Place the slices either on a rack, or on a cookie sheet with parchment paper.

I did both and found that the rack dries the slices quicker.

You can even place the slices directly on your oven rack. Dry the slices in the preheated oven for 3 hours or until dry. I turned mine about once per hour. When slices are dry, remove from oven and allow to cool.

Look, when you hold it up to the light, it’s like a little stained glass window:

Using a knife, make a little slit, and insert a piece of ribbon tying a knot to secure.

Hang on your tree. I hung each of mine in front of a light so it would have a “stained glass” effect.


Kitty Update:

Harland is taking Kitty back to the vet today. She has conjunctivitis now in both eyes and the eye drops don’t seem to be making her any better. I gave Kitty a stern lecture this morning about biting, hissing, and scratching. She rolled over an looked cute at me. I don’t think she was listening….  I’ll have another update for you when I hear from Harland.