Wheat Harvest Part 3

Kitty Update:  She’s feeling a lot better – a big THANK YOU for all your concern and good wishes. She’s not quite a 100% but is getting closer every day. She’s not playful yet, but we think she’s a little nauseous from her antibiotic. Giving her the antibiotic via eyedropper into her mouth is getting to be a rodeo twice each day. She’s onto us, and sneaks out of the room when she sees the bottle. So we have to chase her down and catch her. Then one of us holds her tight while the other pries open her mouth, waits for her to unstick her tongue from the roof of her mouth and squirt the med in.  Wish we could figure out a better way. We’ve tried sneaking it into canned catfood and milk, but after a taste, she figures it out and refuses to eat it. Sigh.


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When we last saw Harland in the combine, he had just tested the wheat for moisture content and found it to be higher than the grain elevator allows. The sky had clouded over and there was no wind. These conditions cause the humidity to rise. There were also a lot of green leafy weeds in the field too. When these moist plants are cut and brought into the combine with the wheat kernels, they cause the moisture content to rise too. So after unloading the the grain from the combine into the grain truck, Harland calls our neighbor, Bill,  who is also one of our landlords.  He’s retired but helps at harvest by taking the full grain truck to the grain elevator. Harland is concerned about the grain moisture and needs to know if the elevator will be open on the following day, the 4th of July.

Let’s listen in:

The next day was warm sunny and windy. The elevator was open, so we were able to haul the wheat to town. The moisture content was fine, and Harland cut wheat all day. Turned out that the moisture content was below the elevator requirements so it wasn’t docked.

I hitched a ride on the grain truck when Bill drove it to the elevator in town to unload. Wanna come along?

Stay tuned for Part 4.