Refresh Your Soul

Sunflower Field- Aug 2009

Last night I sat down at the computer to look for some pictures I could use for a post today. But I got to thinking about Harland and how much I miss him instead. He’s been gone since Monday morning, and won’t be back until tomorrow afternoon. For those of you who follow along regularly, you know that most all of the pictures that end up here of Harland are of him on the tractor, in the combine, or driving a grain truck. But he is also a photographer, and this week has been away on an assignment.

When he’s not farming, you’ll find him with a camera in his hand.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve,KS - Sept 09

Bryce Canyon, Utah - Dec 09

Taking pics of a mushroom, KS - Nov 09

Western Kansas- Aug 09

I once asked when he got into photography, and he said he didn’t remember a time when he wasn’t interested in taking pictures.

A good reason to have life insurance. Utah - Dec 09

I’ve noticed that if he goes a long time without taking pictures, the spring goes out of his step. Hauling all his camera equipment out a mile onto the prairie to get the perfect sunset shot, and then hauling all the equipment back to the truck in the dark is the perfect day for him.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve- KS. Sept 09

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, KS. Sept 09

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, KS - Sept 09

It refreshes his soul, and we all need something in our lives that does just that.

What recharges your batteries?


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