My Present

Look what Harland got me for Valentine’s Day:


Well, it’s not really my gift for Valentine’s Day, but that’s the way he broke it to me that he had bought it.

It’s a bucket truck. He bought it from a telecommunications company up in Nebraska. It was getting older and a little rusty so they upgraded. Harland bought in via an online auction. He had driven up to take a look at it before he placed a bid and ended up paying less than it was worth.

I said, “What are we going to do with a bucket truck?”

And he said, “I’m going to use it to trim trees that are hanging over the pasture fence. And I can use it to take pictures – to get up off the ground for a higher angle.”

Oh. Ok. That makes sense.

So I came home one day this week from work, and there he was up in the air. He was testing it out.

He came down and asked if I wanted to go up.

I’m afraid of heights, but what the heck. I asked him to take my picture with my cellphone.

So I climbed in and Harland worked the controls from the ground. It was really jerky, and I screamed and sat down on the bottom of the bucket as he hoisted me up into the air. I screamed with each movement of the bucket.

Finally it stopped and I heard Harland yell, “Hey, you’re going to have to stand up for me to take your picture! All I can see is your hands!”

I was still sitting and gripping the top edge of the bucket.

I slowly stood up. I was looking down on the grain bin. Harland took a few pics while I tried to smile.



Then I sat back down and Harland lowered me to the ground.

“Bet you didn’t go up in a bucket truck before you met me.” he said with a smile as I climbed out safely to the ground.

“No dear.” I replied.

Life is an endless adventure with Harland. My life was kinda boring before, but not now.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.