Difficult Calf Birth


Most of the time our cows (the girls who have had numerous calves) do just fine when they give birth. But on rare occasions, there’s a problem that requires our assistance.

Saturday evening we checked the cows and saw one of them was in labor with one calf foot sticking out. She was walking around nervously.  Harland got her up out of the pasture and into a lot where we could keep a closer eye on her. An hour later, she was laying down pushing, but only one foot and the nose was showing. During a normal birth, the both front feet come out first followed by the calf’s nose. It should look like the calf is getting ready to dive into a swimming pool.

With only one foot showing, we knew the other calf’s leg was turned back, as shown in the image below:

There’s no way a cow can give birth when the calf is in this position. Without help, the cow would lose the calf.

So Harland got the cow into a building. He was going to have to reach inside her and bring the calf’s leg forward to the normal position.

**(If you are grossed out by birth goo, don’t watch this video)**



As strange as it may sound this was where the calm part of our evening ended, because when the cow got to her feet, just about everything that could go wrong did.

Ever wonder what a 1000 pound cow does when she’s hormonal and really really mad?

It was one of the worst experiences of my life, and not a great one for Harland either. Come back tomorrow for the full story.