Field Corn Harvest

The corn harvest is in full swing and today you get to come along for a ride on the combine. First, a short combine tutorial. Pay attention, we don’t want to lose anyone on our tour. Here’s the combine looking at it from the front.

That’s my hubby Harland coming down the ladder.

Here’s a close up of the front of the combine.

As the combine is driven through the cornfield, Harland guides the rows of corn in between the points (black arrows). The teeth on the gathering chain (pink arrows) separate the corn ears from the corn plants, leaving the plant in the field. The corn ears are then drawn by the auger (red arrows) into the corn ear entrance (blue arrow). Once inside the combine, the corn kernels are separated from the ear, and the kernels are then stored in the hopper, and the cobs and husks are shot out the back of the combine.  It’ll all make more sense when you see it in action.

So here comes Harland taking a pass around the field.

The cloud of debris behind the combine is the corn husks and cobs being shot out the back.

As he comes alongside us, you can get a better view.

As he goes on past us, you can get a look at the back of the combine.

Most of the cobs that come out the back of the combine are in pieces, but here’s an intact one.

Ok, so now we can go for a ride-along on the combine. Go on over and climb up the ladder.

Harland has the door open for you, so go on into the cab.

Have a seat. Don’t mind Harland’s curious expression. He’s snacking on rice crisps.

Looking out the front window, here’s your view looking down at the corn head.

Harland drives the combine into the field, and guides the points in between the rows.

Here’s a closer view where you can see the corn ears after they’ve been separated from the corn stalks.

An even closer view. See the corn ears?

So Harland continues to take laps around the field carefully guiding the rows between the points.

Look out the window off to your left over the combine ladder where you got in,  and you can see the corn field flying past.

When the corn hopper where the corn kernels are stored is full, Harland drives over to the grain truck parked on the side of the gravel road alongside the cornfield, and unloads. Look out again to your left and you can see the combine auger arm unloading the corn from the combine into the truck.

Hop down out of the combine to get a better look at the unloading.

Climb up on the back of the grain truck for a close-up look.

Looks like the truck is full. Now we have to drive the truck to the grain elevator in town to unload it.


———–>  Up Next: Ride along on the grain truck as we go into town to unload at the elevator.


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