Sunrise On The Prairie

I’m a little behind in sharing stuff with you. These are pics I took over a week ago when we were down in Cottonwood Falls for the parade. That morning, we got up extra early, 4:30am, and drove out to one of our favorite places in Kansas, the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve. Our goal was to see the bison herd and hopefully catch a good sunrise too.

The Tallgrass with its seemingly endless acres of prairie stretching away to the horizon is always a special place, but especially so in the early morning or late afternoon hours.

The wildflowers don’t look the best this year as it has been drier than normal, but I found some butterfly milkweed

and wild bergamot

blooming their little hearts out.

We didn’t see the bison herd except over on a distant hill, too far away to photograph. We did see evidence of them though.

We hear they have four baby calves this year so far, and one more is expected soon.

Here’s a short video of the sunrise.

Did you hear the dickcissels and western meadowlarks? They are very chatty during the spring and summer months.

After the sunrise, we had a long, but pleasant walk back to the truck. (No vehicles are allowed on the Tallgrass, so we always end up walking several miles across the prairie.)

Hopefully, we’ll get back to the Tallgrass soon and get pics of the new baby bison calves.