Horses In The Snow

On Christmas Eve, we had a brief snow, only about an inch, but it was enough to brighten our grey winter world. We went for a short drive down the country roads past barns, orange and red fields of native grass, and pastures dotted with cedar and hedgeapple trees. As we topped a hill we saw a group of horses and donkeys in a snowy pasture. Knowing my love for horses, Harland stopped the truck. We were noticed right away, and they all came over for a visit.

There were a couple of large draft horses, a few donkeys, and a couple saddle horses.

Here’s one of the draft horses.

And here’s the other.

Aren’t they a handsome pair?  Draft horses did all the heavy work on the farm prior to the advent of the tractor. The plowed, mowed, and harvested. They pulled heavy loads and worked long days alongside the farmers.

And then there was this character.

Yes, you’re very handsome too.

The saddle horses arrived last, and hurried towards us, afraid they were missing out.

We all got aquainted as each in turn sniffed my hands and hair, and let me pet their soft noses.

They posed for pictures, until Harland noticed a large flock of wild turkeys on a neighboring hill. A couple of the horses noticed them too.

I said goodbye to my new friends, and we hopped into the truck.

Knowing how elusive and skittish wild turkeys can be, we switched to our longest lenses, and drove slowly to the next hill.


——> UP NEXT: Wild Turkeys in a cornfield.

——>LATER THIS WEEK: The orange and red berries of the Bittersweet Vine.

——-> ALSO: Meandering Pony Creek, and the Snowy Backroads.

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