Rain Please

Remember back in June when it wouldn’t stop raining? Day after day, it rained, and rained and rained.

More Rain (4)

We couldn’t get the soybeans planted because it was too wet.

We couldn’t cut hay because it was too wet.

And for a while, we couldn’t even drive down the road because of flooding.

Yesterday about noon

We wished it would stop raining.

Be careful what you wish for.

It hasn’t rained for over a month.

The soybeans (the ones we couldn’t plant because it was too wet, but we did eventually get them planted) are trying to fill out their bean pods, but last week it was so hot(it was 100 degrees on Sunday!), dry, and windy, that the plants nearly died.

We’ve been watching lately as it rains all around. It’s been raining in Nebraska. It’s been raining down in Topeka. It’s been raining over in Missouri.

One morning last week, we watched it rain just a few miles east of us:

Storn (2)

Storn (1)

Last night, we finally got some rain, somewhere between a quarter and half-inch. It’s the most rain we’ve received in over a month.  It’s not enough to help the beans much, we’ll definitely need more, but it’s a start.

And the heatwave has finally broken. Here’s our forecast for this week:


The temperatures are more reasonable – our highs this week are 20 degrees cooler than last week. And there are chances for more rain.

We need more rain – there may not be a soybean crop without it.