Emptying Out The Grain Bin

Here’s the video I promised you the other day showing Harland emptying our dried corn out of one of our grain bins.

When corn is harvested, it needs to be dried down in a grain bin. Once it is dried, it will keep for years, if need be, without spoiling. Grain bins have heaters with fans and as the warm air circulates around the bin, the corn dries. Once it is dry, it can be removed from the bin and moved to another bin for storage, or taken to the elevator in town. Grain bins have a sub floor with an opening in the center, and at the entrance of that opening is an auger located beneath the floor that leads to the outside of the bin. The auger is used to empty grain out the bin into a truck or grain cart.

When the bin is nearly empty, the remaining corn needs to be moved from the outside edges to the center. This is done with a sweep auger. It’s a portable auger that can be put into the bin, plugged in and moved wherever it’s needed to move grain.

You’ll see how it all works in this video:

Will be back soon with an update on the house siding project. We getting closer to done every day!