Field Corn- Ready For Harvest

The corn is ready to harvest. Golden ears protected by dry corn husks hang from dead stalks. Late summer breezes rustle through the field.

A little more than 4 months ago, the seed corn was planted. It took about seven 12 hour days, but on April 19th, the last seeds went into the ground.

Planting corn on April 19

Here, Harland checks the seed depth to ensure that the planter is adjusted correctly before covering the tiny seed back up with soil.

Seed corn- April 19

By April 27, the corn had germinated, and was about 2 inches tall.

April 27 - Corn Seedlings

Chilly spring days turned into a lazy hot summer.  The corn grew incredibly fast, and by June 24 it was 6 feet tall.

June 24 -Field Corn

Today, it looks like this. We will harvest it in a couple weeks when the moisture content of the corn kernels has decreased.

Field Corn- September 30

The corn husks act as a raincoat for the corn ears, protecting them from the elements.

Peeling back the husks reveals neat rows of bright yellow-orange corn kernels.

When Harland begins the harvest, I’ll take lots of pics to share with you.


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