Fireworks In August

Ok, so these pics weren’t taken in August, they were taken on July 4, but I didn’t have anything ready for you for today as I’m getting ready for house-guests, and am really busy cleaning and such. So I was looking over some pics last night I took earlier in the summer and realized I never shared these with you. So, besides the July 4 pics that I did share with you taken in Goff, Kansas, we also attended a fireworks display in Robinson Kansas, and the pics I took that night are the ones I never showed you.

We got there early, and scouted around town looking for the perfect viewing spot.

We finally decided on the cemetery which is situated on a high hill overlooking the town.

Is it odd to photograph fireworks from a cemetery? You bet.

But not for us because we do lots of odd things, so we didn’t give it a thought.

Bet you’ve never seen fireworks over a cemetery before.

Well, now you have.


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