Frog Chorus

It’s been a very dry spring here in northeast Kansas, one of the driest I can remember. Harland has been worried about our newly planted crops, our vegetable and flower beds have been suffering, the pond across the road went completely dry, and we watched in despair as it rained in other parts of the state and neighboring states. Then, as often happens in the midwest, it rained 5 inches…..all in one afternoon. When I left for work Wednesday morning the pond was dry, and when I came home from work it was bank full. Water had escaped streams and flooded out into the fields and now Harland talks of having to replant the flooded areas. But overall, it’s a great relief that the rain finally came. And especially so for the frogs who every year use the pond across the road from our house for breeding. It’s been a quiet spring without them. But once the pond filled, they wasted no time making their way to it. Emails, texts, and twitterings flew between them all over the neighborhood.

“The pond is full!  THE POND IS FULL!  Thank God Almighty, the pond is full!!”

They came by trains, trucks, and horsecarts. They even hitched rides. And by Wednesday evening, the same day as the rain, the sound coming from the pond was deafening. High decibel peeps and croaks filled the air – the unmistakable sound of unbridled froggy lust.


Ahh…. spring is officially here at last.



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