Flat Water Wind Energy Project

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A new wind farm went up in our neck of the woods last year just across the border in Nebraska. A couple weeks ago, we finally paid it a visit.

We can’t see it from where we live, but if we go to highest hill nearby, the 40 wind turbines of this wind farm stick up above the horizon.

Each one was made by Gereral Electric and is 262 feet (80 m) high so they can be seen for miles around.  To stand among them is like being surrounded by giants, and made me feel very small.

Each has 3 fiberglass blades with a diameter of 271 feet (82 m) across.

They generate electricity for the Omaha Public Power District.

We can’t get up close to them as they put fencing up around them, but the farmer who owns the land can still farm around them.

Are there any wind farms where you live?

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