Fireworks Over A Prairie Town

When you live in the country and want to view fireworks, you have lots of choices and days to choose from. Most small towns have a fireworks display either on the 4th or on an evening preceding the 4th so as not to compete with neighboring towns.  So on Saturday night, we saw the fireworks display at Goff, a small town of 126, and on Monday night we saw the fireworks at Robinson, population 192. Small towns depend on fund raising and donations to afford their displays, and the entire town and people from surrounding areas and towns drive in to see the show. Most find viewing spots around the town itself, while some, like us, find a good spot on the outskirts of town.

Goff, Kansas

In Goff we chose a soybean field overlooking the town, and in Robinson, we chose the cemetery which happens to be the highest hill near the town. There was no musical accompaniment or announcer.  We just found our spot, set up our cameras, and then watched the sun set and waited until early darkness descended. Without preamble the fireworks started,

continued for about 10-15 minutes,

there was an extra burst of fireworks for the finale, and then quiet. The townspeople’s cheers echoed up from the town, and we packed up our cameras and joined the line of cars and trucks headed out of town.

We’re already thinking about a prime spot to view next years fireworks display.

Hope you had a glorious 4th of July too!


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