Hiding In The Sunflowers

Mr. Grasshopper:  You can’t see me.

Me:  Well, actually I can.

Mr. G:    No you can’t. I’m camouflaged.

Me:   Not really. You’re greenish with enormous black eyes  and the sunflower you’re sitting on is yellow.

Mr. G:   Well fiddlesticks.    …Are you going to eat me?

Me:   Uh, no. That would be gross.

Mr. G:    Hey, I resent that!   I bet I’d make a tasty meal!

Me:   Make up your mind, do you want to be eaten or not?

Mr. G:   No no. I’m fine. You’re right. I’m all crunchy and juicy and yucky.             ………..But I’m not gross.  Just sayin’.

Me:  I’m sure you’re right.   Sorry.

Mr. G:  It’s ok. Happens all the time.


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