Wheat Harvest Part 4

(If you missed the earlier parts in this series, you can see them here: Part 1 , Part 2 , Part 3 )

The last part of our wheat harvest to show you is taking the wheat to town and unloading it at the elevator. This is where we sell all our grain. As Harland cuts the wheat, he periodically empties the combine into the grain truck.


When the truck is full, our neighbor, Bill, drives the truck to the elevator, unloads it, and brings it back to the field.


Bill is one of the landowners who’s land we farm. He’s retired, and 80-something years young, but you’d never know it.

Are you ready to go to the elevator?  Let’s go!

Bill takes the truck to town several times a day during wheat harvest.

Thanks for coming along today. Also, thanks for your patience in bringing you this series.


KITTY UPDATE:  Kitty is feeling better this morning. She took another trip to the vet yesterday. They took her temperature and some blood. They tested her blood for bad viruses which came back negative -which was a big relief. The vet gave her a super antibiotic injection and said she should be feeling much better by this weekend. Harland said during her exam she went after everyone at the vet’s office (trying to bite and scratch), including him. She sat on the exam table growling and hissing. When she got home, she spent the afternoon hiding under Harland’s desk sulking from her “atrocious treatment at the hands of the evil humans”. But this morning she greeted us when the alarm when off by jumping onto the bed to enjoy some petting and attention. Purr purr purr…..

Will keep you updated on her progress. We hope she’s finally on the mend for good, and THANK YOU again for all your good wishes!