Missouri Evening Primrose

On Sunday afternoon, we took a trip down to the summer pasture to check on the cattle, and then mosey on down to Lake Perry to look for some wildflowers in bloom. By the way, did you know that Kansas has over 800 wildflower species? This time of year, the first of our wildflowers kicks off the show with its enormous bright yellow flowers.

Blooming for only about a month, its 5 inch lemon yellow blooms open in the early evening, and then close again the following day. It likes to grow in areas that are sparse on other types of plants so it stands out all the more. I remember when I was a kid my mom starting them from seed and growing them in her garden. I would go outside in the evening and watching as the flowers opened.

Once the buds begin to open, they waste no time and reach their full size in a matter of minutes. They are pollinated by moths and after pollination, the flowers turn downward.  I planted some from seed a few years ago so now I can go out in the evening in my own garden and watch the evening primroses pop open.

What wildflowers are blooming in your area?


Here’s Harland taking his own pics (all the above are mine)  of the opening blooms. You can see just how large these flowers are.

(Also, take note of the pliers on Harland’s belt. A farmer can’t go anywhere without his trusty sidearm. )



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