Monarch Monday – Week 3

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Monarch Monday – Week 2

This past week, Mr. Caterpillar ate and grew a lot. We take pictures of him every Sunday night. Last Sunday he was only 1/8 inch long, but just look how big he was yesterday.

He’s about an inch long, or 8 times bigger than a week ago.

Check out his flashy stripes. Actually, he’s not making a fashion statement. His only food, the milkweed plant, is poisonous to most other animals and when he eats the milkweed he assimilates the poison into his body tissues, making him a very unpleasant meal to predators.  So his stripes are a warning, “Don’t eat me, I taste bad!”

It’s kinda hard to tell which end is which, and this confuses predators too.

Mr. Caterpillar will continue to eat and grow for about 1 more week before he goes into the pupa stage of his life.

See ya next Monday!

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