New Siding Project – Part 14

(If you would like to catch up on the rest of our siding project, click HERE.)

We’re in the homestretch. Here’s what the house looks like now:

The south side of the house:

House (10)

The very top of the wall and the soffit need to be done here.

The storm door we ordered came in yesterday, so hopefully we’ll get that put on in the next couple days.

House (11)

The east side of the house:

House (1)

Besides the siding, Gerald and Ramona have be making trim to go around all the windows:

House (2)

It’s been a slow tedious process, but it’s much more weather -proof than before.

House (3)

They also put in a new dryer vent, and put trim around it too:

House (13)

A little bit of soffit and the top edge of the wall need to be done:

House (12)

Moving on to the north side of the house:

House (4)

They’re completely done here: siding, soffit, trim, and a new basement door:

House (5)

This new door is all metal. A big improvement over the plywood door we had before.

Here’s the west side of the house:

House (6)

They’re nearly done with the siding here. Since I took this pic they’ve finished all the window trim, but the soffit still needs to be done.

House (7)

House (8)

I’m thinking that we’ll be completely done sometime next week if the weather holds. It’s been dry all week, with highs about 70 and lows down into the 40s.

Here was our thermometer this morning:


Brrr…it felt kinda chilly in the house so we turned on the heat for the first time.

Here’s our forecast:


Beautiful weather!

Muffin and Kitty are locked up in the office every morning so Gerald and Ramona can enter the house without being attacked. The kitties sleep most of the day anyway so it’s not like they’re suffering. I let them out when I get home from work.

Muffin & Kitty

They look like little furry angels don’t they?

Hoping next week that our siding project will finally be done.

Harland finished with the corn harvest yesterday. Today, he’ll be starting on the soybean harvest and we’ll finally learn how adversely the drought affected the yields.

In his down time (HA HA) Harland’s been working on this new project at the farm:

Sorting Facility

We’re putting in a new cattle working area. So far he’s ripped out the old chute and pens, and over the next few weeks, when he’s not cutting beans, he’ll be working on installing a new chute and sorting pens. We’re really excited about this because the design of the new facility will make working with our sometimes hostile cattle much easier and safer, both for us and them. We’ll use it for the first time when we bring the cattle home in about 4-5 weeks.

I’ll be doing regular posts on the new cattle working area and hopefully, next week, I’ll bring you the last post about the house siding project.

We’re so busy we meet our own backsides coming around the corner.

Stay tuned….