New Siding Project – Part 15 – DONE!

At long last, here we are: Done with the new siding project! ┬áBefore we stand back now and admire our “new” house, let’s take a quick look back to where we started over two years ago in early August 2013:

Here’s our house as it looked back then:


New siding was our ultimate goal, but our house is about 100 years old and needed some other things done to it along with the siding.

The front sidewalk needed to be replaced:


The small patio needed to be ripped out and replaced, and an old basement entrance on the east side needed to be eliminated. The main electric line coming into the house needed to be buried.



First, the front sidewalk, patio, and old basement entrance were jack-hammered out.



Next, the electric line was removed from the house, and buried in a conduit several feet underground:


Next, Harland replaced the electric box inside the house:


Boy was I thrilled to come home after work that day to see what Harland had been up to.


Concrete forms were put up for the new patio and sidewalk:


and the concrete poured:


While we were at it, we poured a new sidewalk that led to the garden shed:


All this took place in August and September of 2013.

In 2014, illness, death, and other issues prevented us from working on the house.

Fast forward to August 2015:

We ripped the siding off the house:


put up 1 inch thick foamboard insulation, six new windows, and a new front door:




All the new windows are casement windows. They are considered to be more efficient than double hung windows. They open and close with a handcrank, which has taken some getting used to:

House (17)

House (16)

Next, we put a vapor barrier all around the house:


And then we finally started on the siding:


Not too long after our new storm door was installed, the wind grabbed hold of it and trashed it. So we ordered a new one, and it was installed last week:

House (15)

It has a little screened vent at the bottom, perfect for kitties, and it has not one, but two door closures and a chain:

House (2)

House (3)

Take that you dastardly Kansas wind!

And finally – finally – I came home from work last Thursday to find Gerald and Ramona (brother and sister in law) packing up. I asked, “Are we done?” and they replied, “We are done.”

So without further adieu, I bring you our “new” snug, quiet, energy efficient house:

House (5)

House (7)

House (8)

House (9)

House (10)

House (12)

House (14)

We love everything about our “new” house. The siding looks so much better. The windows are snug and energy efficient and much easier to clean. But what we love most of all is the money we are going to save on our heating and cooling bills.

We’re finally done and so excited!

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