Yaquina Bay Lighthouse

Every time Harland and I travel, we almost always find someplace old to tour. Whether it’s an old church or house, or in the case of our trip to Oregon last year, a lighthouse.

We both love history, antiques, and learning about old places and the people who lived there. This lighthouse was built in 1871, but was operational as a lighthouse only until 1874, when it was decided that this was not a very good location for a lighthouse. It is the only existing lighthouse in Oregon with the living quarters attached to the lighthouse itself, which must have been nice for the light-keeper on cold winter nights. Today it is open for tours. Harland and I wandered from room to room, and as usual, I admired the simplicity of the furniture, and the small size and number of rooms.

I sometimes wish my house was as uncluttered and simple, and I think about the time when people lived there.

Their lives were not interrupted by cellphones, beepers, or emails. There was no sound of TVs, video games, or other electronic noises.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the conveniences we have today, I just sometimes long for a time when it was quieter, slower, more tranquil.

I’m a weirdo in that I actually enjoy power outages in the winter.¬† I like lighting candles, and curling up near the fireplace in the dark.

In our noisy hurried age, sometimes it’s nice to turn everything off and just to listen to the quiet.


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