Old Albany Days – Part 3

Today, I’ll be showing you the last of the things I saw at Old Albany Days, an annual event showcasing old-time tasks done by hand. (You can view part 1 of Albany Days here, and part 2 here.)

The blacksmith shop had a large crowd. Here, he holds a metal rod in hot coals for a while to soften the metal enough to allow it to be worked.

Next he removes it from the fire,

and then he and another fellow pound away on it with sledgehammers to get the desired shape.

Here’s the result of all that pounding. What was round is now square.

Finally, it is cooled with water.

I’m not much of a fan of kettle corn, but did enjoy watching it made. First, corn, sugar and oil are poured into a large cast iron kettle heated over a fire.

It’s stirred to keep it from burning on the bottom.

The corn starts popping,

and when it’s all popped, the kettle is emptied out.

And the corn is packaged for sale.

There was an entire building of donated antique cars. Love looking at all the different styles.

This vendor was selling handmade rugs from a loom. I’ll bet they wear like iron.

At the end of the day I was pooped and ready to go home. This little pup had had enough excitement too.


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