Volland One-Room School

Well, I have a mystery for you today. I took these pictures of this one-room school back in June on one of our trips through the Flint Hills, but didn’t share them with you then because I wanted to find some information about the school first.

It’s was an uphill battle because there is no sign anywhere on the property indicating the name of the school, dates of operation, history, etc. I’m calling the Volland One Room School because the nearest town was named Volland.

Well, despite a couple hours researching online, here’s all I’ve managed to find:

  • It’s located in Wabaunsee county on Old K10 Road, south of Alma and north of Alta Vista.
  • It’s just southwest of the ghost town of Volland.
  • Carved in a stone above the front door it says, “District #26” (possibly 126) and has ¬†date of “1906”
  • There’s no listing on the National Register of Historic Places, which is odd considering how much work has been done to restore it. Most every one-room school we’ve ever seen is on the register.

If you know anything about this school, or know anyone who might know anything, please let me know. Thanks!

For a map showing the exact location of the school, click HERE.