Vegetable Garden Update-April 23

After work tonight, I stepped out to the garden to see how everything is doing. We had a good rain last night, and all the vegetables look refreshed. Planted on April 1, the potatoes finally came up a few days ago.

On April 3, we planted the onions. Here’s how they look now.

The broccoli and cauliflower were planted on April 3. Today, protected from the wind by sections of PVC pipe, they are growing.

I sowed lettuce seed on April 4. It needs to be thinned now.

The spinach needs to be thinned too. It was also planted on April 4.

I also noticed that I need to do some weeding out there too. Hopefully, if it doesn’t rain all weekend, I’ll be able to get that done along with the thinning of the lettuce and spinach.

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More posts to come later on the progress of the veggies.