Bison At Prairie State Park

Earlier in the week I had a sinus infection and a UTI – at the same time. So I went to the doctor and got an antibiotic that is taking care of both problems. Yay!

Then today, when I was just starting to feel better, I realized that I’m coming down with a cold. ¬†Sigh…


Last weekend we paid a visit to Prairie State Park in southwest Missouri. The park is about 4000 acres in size and is covered with native grasses and wildflowers, and also boasts a herd of 100 head of bison and 25 elk. We drove the road the bisects the park, but didn’t see any animals. So we drove the perimeter roads and finally we caught sight of some of the bison.

Here’s a short video I took. The largest one is the bull, and the rest are cows and their calves.


The bull is the big guy in the beginning, chewing and staring us down at the same time. To give you an idea of just how big he was, the top of his shoulder was about head high on us, maybe taller. Not to worry, there was a sturdy fence between him and us. Did you notice how he sized us up at the end of the video, decided he didn’t want his girls near us anymore, and then deftly ushered them away? What a beautiful animal.

The park is one we’ll definitely be visiting again. For more information, click HERE to visit the park’s official website.

Have a great day all, and see you soon.