St. Deroin

St. Deroin was a small Nebraska town on the banks of the Missouri River that had it’s heyday in the 1860-70s. In the 1870s, the town reached its largest size and boasted 20 businesses, including 2 doctors, and a population of 200. But the little rivertown, which depended on steamboat ¬†commerce for its growth, declined when trains became the favored form of transportation.

Today, all that remains of the town is the school,

and numerous depressions in the ground where buildings once stood. Even the river has left – it changed its route and moved off to the east out of sight through the trees.

The former town site is now part of Indian Cave State park, where you can take a peek inside the school,

walk trails around the town site, and watch living history reenactors making hand dipped candles,

or working in a blacksmith shop.

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