Autumn Favorites

I know I promised you a video of the corn harvest, but it’s taking longer to edit that I thought, and it’s just not ready for it’s world premiere yet. Besides seeing the combine in the field, it will also feature Harland unloading the grain truck at the grain bins, and me taking a turn at driving the combine, a first for me. Please bear with me, I’ll finish the video soon.

I know I’ve said it before, but autumn really is my favorite time of year in Kansas. It’s a season of little, or no (gasp) wind. A season of cool nights, low humidity, and warm sunny days. And of course, beautiful sights all around us. A few of my favorites are:

Native grass seedheads swaying in the breeze,

the shocking red of the sumac plant,

and the cheery yellow mums that bloom near our front door.

What are your favorite sights of autumn?


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