Tadpole/Froggy – Episode 4

Here are the previous episodes of Miss Tad’s life:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

While I wanted to wait another week to bring you the final episode of Miss Tad’s life, she had other plans. Just 24 hours after we took the pictures on Saturday night for Episode 3, her tail had shortened by more than half of its length.

Here she is half out of the water resting on an oyster shell.

And her mouth had doubled in size.

This was on Sunday night. She was no longer eating algae or plants and I knew she must be nearly ready for more substantial food – bugs. I did some research and found that meal-worms or aphids were a good food source, but I don’t have either and am an hour from the nearest pet store. There are plenty of big bugs in our yard, but teeny weeny bugs are what she needs.

Look how small she is. This is the tip of a pencil next to her.

By Monday morning her tail had decreased by half again and she was doing some frantic laps around the top of her little aquarium. Not sure when she would start eating bugs and afraid of her going hungry, we decided to take her back to the pond where we got her.

Harland and I threw ourselves on the floor and cried.

Kitty stood by and said, “What am I, chopped liver? I thought I was your favorite pet!”

So we got off the floor, netted Miss Froggy, put her in a little container with water and carried her across the road to the pond. Once there, I tipped her container out at the pond’s edge. She swam out into the weeds and thought to herself,

“Whoa …..  this is what a call a BIG aquarium!”

I tried to get a pic of her, but she swam quickly away with her froggy legs deeper into the weeds.

“No way woman, you’ve taken enough pictures of me! I want a more secluded private life away from the paparazzi.”

There are no fish in the pond to eat her and there are plenty of bugs there.  She looks like some sort of tree-frog to me, and there’s a wooded area right near the pond, so when she’s ready to take to the trees, they’ll be there for her.

Her little aquarium looks very empty now. But we know she’s better off and partying with the other frogs over at the pond.

And hopefully next spring she will add her voice to the annual froggy chorus.


————>  Thursday: A bison herd on the prairie, including a little bison calf.  Up close and personal.  (Maybe a little too close.)


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