White-Tailed Deer

At the edge of the road at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, a group of young turkeys browses for insects. We stop to watch as they make their way towards the edge of the trees. There, a white-tailed deer, peeks out at us.

She’s nervous, but not enough to run away.

She stares at us, and then takes a few steps staring intently at something in the grass. We wonder if she has a fawn hidden nearby.

The turkeys follow her, possibly to eat the insects she stirs up.

From the safety of the brush, she and her turkey companions stare at us again.

She finally walks slowly away into the trees. We drive away. She’ll come back for her fawn after we’re gone.

Further down the road, we see another doe, this time in the cooler shade of the woods.

She too is curious about us and stares intently trying to decide if she needs to flee.

She relaxes after a bit and delicately browses on the lush grasses.

Much of the refuge is marshland, so there is plenty to eat for the wildlife there.

As the sun begins to set, we see another doe.

The waning sun highlights her reddish-brown summer coat. She too is nervous about us, and acts like she has a fawn hidden nearby. She finally turns away and steps into the trees. Within a few steps, she is completely hidden.

Squaw Creek is a great place to view wildlife, from geese,ducks, swans and eagles, to deer and turkeys. A network of roads winds through the marshes and along wooded areas, so we can take pics without leaving our vehicle. I took all the pics above with my 100-400 lens resting on our half open truck window edge for stability.

Here’s a little video I put together for you:



You can learn more about the refuge by clicking HERE.

Have a great day all!