Onion Harvest

Last week, I pulled the onions.  Seems like just yesterday that I planted them.  Back on April 8, they looked like this:

Red Zeppelin Onions -April 8

They were just little squirts, no bigger than your pinkie finger.

By May 25, they had grown quite a bit:

Onions - May 25

And on June 16, they had almost reached maturity:

Onions - June 16

By last week, all the tops had fallen over indicating they were no longer growing, and were going dormant. Time to pull the onions!

Harvested Onions- July 14

These are the best onions we’ve ever grown. The varieties are Red Zeppelin,

Red Zeppellin Onions

and Yellow Copra.

Yellow Copra Onions

Both varieties are reputed to store well. This will be our onion supply for the coming year. Last year’s onions lasted through April of this year.

Here’s the winner for the biggest onion of the year:

Red Zeppelin Onion

A real beauty about 4 inches across. We’re so pleased with these varieties and will grow them again next year.

We left them outside in a shady spot on a dry surface for several days, and then cut the tops off about an inch above the bulb. Now they will be stored in a cardboard box in our basement where it’s cool.

I couldn’t resist using a few of them to do some cooking over the weekend. I made refrigerator pickles first. Stop by tomorrow to see how they turned out. Yum!


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