Bison Calves Playing

Here I am a few weeks ago, doing one of my favorite things:


sitting atop a hill at the Tallgrass Prairie watching the bison herd.

Earlier in the evening, we had parked our truck and walked out onto the prairie. It’s a long walk (1.5 miles) to reach the top of this particular hill, one of the highest around and a perfect spot to watch the sunset. We’ve done it many times and while we always hope to see the bison herd, we are usually disappointed. But this time there they were down in the valley. I pulled out my video camera and sat down in the grass. There are 4 new baby calves, who were quite active that evening running laps around their moms and just being kids.

Word is that the bison are more aggressive towards hikers this year than they have been in the past. So we kept our distance. They didn’t seem to notice us, but I’m sure they knew we were there. When we first began visiting the herd several years ago, they were young and curious and would come right up to us. But now they are older, have babies to watch over, and are all serious.

After sunset, we walked back down the trail reaching our truck after dark. Round trip the walk was a little over 3 miles that evening. We were footsore, but relaxed and happy. And we slept very well that night.

Have a great day all!