Violet Has Her Calf

Last Thursday Violet had her calf. You might remember Violet as a member of the heifer Maternity Ward. She’s the one who:

“asks if everyone will be getting a spa day when the calving is over. We said no, but warmer weather is on the way followed by a long summer spent at the pasture with shade trees, running spring water, and plenty of room for their calves to run and play. Violet is happy to hear this and looking forward to the coming months.”

Harland noticed Violet had gone into labor last Thursday evening, so he put her in a pen in the barn and left her alone for a while. Cows don’t like to be watched when they calve. I’ve seen cows stop their labor, get to their feet, cross their arms, and with a determined look on their face say,

“Get lost woman! I’m not going to do this while you’re watching!”

Alright already. Touchy touchy.

So Harland checked on her after he came back from doing the chores.  He watched from outside the barn while sitting in the truck and told me later that she didn’t even lay down to have her calf like most of them do, but had hers standing up. He said the calf, “squirted it out like a watermelon seed and hit the floor.”

At the sound of a THUD behind her, she turned around to see what was going on.

“Oh….. for me? And it’s not even my birthday.”

She cleaned up her calf, and let it nurse from her. They spent the night in the barn, and the next day Harland released them out into the small pasture near our house.

A couple days later, I paid her calf a visit. Or I tried to. I could see Violet, but didn’t see her calf anywhere. So I started walking the perimeter of the pasture, and made it all the way around and back where I started and still hadn’t seen it.

“Where’s your calf Violet?”

“Laaa dee da dee da”, she replied.

Then I spied it curled up in the grass not ten feet from where I had started looking. AHA, found it!

Little squirt was resting so I left it alone.

Yesterday evening I visited the pasture again. By the way, this is the view from my kitchen window. I love this time of year when I can look out while I’m doing dishes and watch the cows and calves.

Here’s Violet standing patiently while her calf nurses.

“I’m ready for my spa day now.”

Little squirt finally came up for air.

“Mama, what is it?” asked Squirt.

“It’s a human…I’ll tell you about them later. Now can you stick your tongue back in your mouth and wipe the milk off your face? You’re not making the best first impression you know,” said Violet.

“She’s funny looking, all pale and standing on only 2 legs like that.” said Squirt.

“Yes dear,….please pull your tongue back in,” said Violet.


“I need a spa day,” said Violet.


That’s 3 heifers down, and 7 more to go. Stay tuned.