Just wanted to update you on a few things today:

Remember the pair of pigeons who were building a nest in our barn?

After they hung out at our place for over a year and finally built a nest, I was so excited and hoping to see babies.  Well, after I took pictures of the nest and did a post about them, they hopped it, flew the coop. Gone. Haven’t seen them since.

Mr. Pigeon to his wife:  “Crap… paparazzi! Grab your stuff Edna…we’re outta here!”

Me:  Sigh……


And remember the old forgotten rosebush up the road?

Well, I took some cuttings last summer, and did everything I was supposed to to get them to root, but they died. Bit the dust. Keeled over.

Me:  Sigh…….

But, I’m going to try again. This time I’ll use older growth stems instead of younger green stems. Older stems are supposed root better. I want at least one bush from this rose, and if I have to rent a backhoe and dig up the entire bush, I will.

Ok, so maybe I won’t. But I’ll try the cutting route again. And if that doesn’t work, bring on the backhoe.  I am woman, hear me roar.


And remember Hazel’s calf and her trip to the vet with an abscess on the side of her face?


After  she returned home, she began to heal up nicely. Initially, we thought we would have to hold her and Hazel back when their little herd went to the summer pasture, but when the day arrived, little Hazelette’s wound had healed up so well that Harland let them go too.

Me: “Yay!!”

So on Monday, Hazel, Violet, Clarabelle, Mabelle, Eunice, and all their calves got into the stock trailer and took a short ride to their summer pasture.

The little herd:  “YAY!!!”


Have a great day all!