Wheat Harvest

It’s time to harvest the wheat, and here comes Harland in the combine.

Here’s the view from inside:

Harvesting wheat is sorta like mowing the lawn:  around and around and around. It’s a bit more complicated though. Lots more knobs and switches. More things to keep an eye on.

When the hopper in the combine is full of grain, Harland unloads it into the grain truck. Here, he moves the truck into the field.

Then he’s outta the truck,

and back into the combine to unload.

And back out into the field.

Back and forth.

Around and around.

Out the back of the combine comes the wheat straw. We typically use this for bedding, but will feed it to the cattle this year if the the drought continues down at the pasture.  (We got 2 INCHES at the pasture last night, whoo hoo!! That’s the first rain there since late April and we’re grateful, but we’ll need more for the cattle to have enough grass to make it through the summer.)

Doesn’t look too appetizing does it? Harland will bale it into large round bales. Later it’ll be ground up and mixed with grain and grass hay.

But for now the harvest continues…

Up next, I’ll have a harvest video for you…..