Sunset At Squaw Creek

One evening last week after work, Harland and I paid a visit to the Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, and hour or so from our place.

We drove around the marshy pools there and saw thousands of snow geese taking a break from their northward trek to Canada for the breeding season:


We also saw some deer:



Love their fluffy white tails.

And we finally watched the sunset over the pools. Thousands of snow geese serenaded the sun as it slipped away…

 Isn’t if funny how fast the sun seems to move at sunset?

For more information about Squaw Creek, you can click HERE for their website.


GRASS TETANY COW UPDATE: Saturday I shared with you the story of our sick cow and the mystery of what was wrong with her. Since then, she has gotten a lot better, so much so that she’s been trying to escape out of her pen to get back to the herd. Harland cut her and Panda loose yesterday morning back into the pasture. Thanks for all your good wishes on this one!  Love happy endings!