Windmills, Sandhills, and Rainbows

Over the weekend, we paid a visit to the Nebraska Sandhills. This was not my first visit, but I was struck again how wide open the country is there. (That’s Harland walking down the hill above)

You can see for miles in every direction with only windmills and occasional fences in view.

I love all the windmills.

These were, and still are, used for pumping water for cattle.

As the wind blows, the blades turn engaging a pump that brings water up out of ground from a well.

Many of these mills are 100+ years old and still going strong.

While we were standing out on a high hill one evening waiting for the clouds to break and the sun to set,

and hopping in and out of the truck to avoid rain showers,

we looked behind us to the east to see a rainbow forming.

We watched as it arched across the evening sky.

It was one of the few times in my life when I’ve been able to see the entire rainbow from end to end.

It was too big for my camera. That little dot in the lower center is a windmill. Yeah, that’s a big rainbow.

It was a perfect ending to our day.

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