Winter Storm Warning

Like much of the Midwest, for the last few days we’ve been watching the forecast closely.

Will it hit us? How much snow/ice will we get? Wind speed? Drifting? Power outages?

Here’s the latest as of Sunday morning according to the National Weather Service:


I like the block of red. Adds some cheerful color to the gloom and doom forecast.

Here are the gory details:


“a mix of freezing rain, sleet and snow” ¬†Sounds like a biblical plague of some sort. About the only thing not falling out of the sky will be flaming toads.

We’re not enthused about the ice. We’d rather have all snow. Ice can cause power outages. We have generators to cover the house and farm, but it’s a hassle. If we get the 5 inches of snow + the 40 mph wind, that could make some serious drifts.

We stocked up on milk and such at the grocery store yesterday, and Harland’s been doing storm prep at the farm. I drove in some fence posts near my young dogwood trees we planted along the drive last spring so Harland will know where they are and not run over them when plowing the drive.

The wind blew hard here all night and is still at it right now(Sunday morning), 30 mph out of the north, and howling around the house. (On a cheerful note – the furnace is not running as much as it used to before the remodel, and it’s not anywhere near as drafty as it was before. We’re snug and toasty.)

Kitty has been storm prepping:

 Storm (2)

So has Muffy:

Storm (1)

So we’ll see what we get out of this.

Here it comes:


Stay warm all.