American Lotus

Recently Harland and I bought a yacht.

Well, it’s not really a yacht, more like a large deluxe motorboat.

Well, it’s not really a motorboat as it doesn’t have a motor.

Well, OK, so it’s a canoe.  Anyway, Harland and I are no longer landlocked!  The streams, ponds and lakes of Kansas are ours for the paddling. Last weekend, we piled our camera equipment into the S.S. Harland and paddled our way across a nearby lake to a area where some American Lotus plants were blooming.

Harland hopped out and waded around with his camera and tripod, while I was not so brave and stayed on the yacht taking pics and drinking pina coladas.

Frogs hopped around on the lotus leaves,

as the sun slipped lower.

After the sun set, I paddled over to Harland, dropped anchor, and picked him up. Then we paddled back across the lake in the pink twilight.

The lake was glassy surfaced, and the fish plopped around us feeding on bugs. We stopped paddling and soaked in the peace.

We love our yacht canoe.


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