Tomato Carnage

I came home recently to find this on our kitchen floor:


“HOLY CRAP!!!!!”

I texted a pic of the carnage to Harland.   And he replied,


I called 911 and a couple of police detectives came to our house to process the scene of the Tomatocide.

They’ve narrowed down their suspects and already have a “person feline of interest”.


Means:   The suspect can jump on top of the microwave, open the cabinet door where the tomatoes are kept, and push one of the out onto the floor. The suspect is also has a history of murder:


Motive:   The suspect is hungry all the time because the humans won’t feed her the requested 10 pounds of food per day. It’s thought that the suspect, tired of asking the humans for a bit of tomato to eat, took matters into her own hands feet, and obtained a tomato on her own.

Opportunity:   The suspect lives at the residence. Also, both the humans were at work, enabling the suspect to commit the alleged crime without witnesses.

The suspect is not talking, and no arrest has been made as yet.

Further Tomatocides are being avoided by firmly closing the tomato cabinet door.