The Cat Who Loves Water

Ever heard of a cat who loves water? We hadn’t. Until Muffy came along.

From the time he was a kitten, he’s been fascinated by water. He peeks his head inside the shower, dips his feet in his water pan, knocks over water glasses so he can watch it run and drip. Worst of all, he tips over his water container to empty it out so he can watch the water run. He gets his feet all wet. Later, he leaves little wet Muffin-prints all over the house. Early on I got tired of cleaning up puddles, so we moved his water container onto the drainboard near the chore sink. Every day, he torments his it, dumping it out so I have to refill it several times a day.

To distract him, I sometimes turn on the faucet in the chore sink so he can get his water fix.

Muffin and Water (1)

Muffin and Water (3)

Muffin and Water (2)

It’s really ridiculous. He paws at it, tries to eat it, and let’s it drip on his head.

Check this out:

I think I should indulge his love of water more. I’m going to teach him how to do dishes. And laundry. Mopping the floor would keep him entertained for hours, wouldn’t it? What do you think?