The Bulls

We don’t name our bulls, but for the sake of this post, let’s call them Bob and Fred. This is Bob. We’ve had him for about 3 years now.

Bob is 4 years old, and in his prime. Bob is big.

Bob weighs about 2000 pounds. Check out his neck and shoulder muscles.

Harland and I were trying to load Bob into a trailer Sunday. Bob didn’t want to get on the trailer. I was blocking an escape route for him, something I do when we work the cows, and it usually works with them. Not Bob. Bob sized me up, a 100 pound female weakling, and charged straight for me. I bluffed him for about 1 second and then got out of the way. I let Harland finish loading Bob.

And then here’s Fred. He’s the one on the left.

Fred is new to our place, and just arrived yesterday. Fred is about a year and a half old, and weighs about 1200 pounds. Right now, Fred is dwarfed by Bob, but he is impressive in his own right. Both Bob and Fred will be going to pasture on June 1. They have about 50 ladies waiting for them.

Hopefully, Bob and Fred will go out on “dates” with all 50 ladies in the next 2 months. This will ensure that our calving season next spring will only last about 2 months.

No pressure guys.