Raymondskill Falls – Pennsylvania

On our way home from our Maine vacation, we stopped at a waterfall in eastern Pennsylvania. We could hear the rushing water from the parking lot, and as we walked the wooded trail towards the falls the sound grew louder and louder. Finally we reached the upper viewing platform and were struck in all our senses. Ahead of us was a large pool with 2 small falls above it.

Below the pool was a large falls pounding into a mist below us.

Further down the trail was another platform situated near the lower falls,

with a great view of the upper falls.

Raymondskill is the tallest waterfall in Pennsylvania, and is only 4 feet shorter than Niagara Falls.

Here’s a short video.


As we watched the falls, it began to lightly rain upon us. We packed up our gear and walked back to our truck. Hurricane Irene was just entering the area. We drove west and outran her easily. We spent that night in Elkhorn Indiana, and made it home to northeast Kansas the following evening, tired, but glad to be home.


Next week: 

  • Blooming sunflowers and a monarch butterfly greet the morning sun.
  • Also: The soldiers in blue and gray are at it again – this time in Lamoni Iowa at the 9th Annual Civil War Days event.


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