A Quick Update:

All is well with us, not to worry. Busy these days:

Bad News: Harland’s mom passed away on New Years Day. She was 86 and had been ill for some time.
Good News: We get to keep farming.

Bad News: I’m going in for surgery the end of this month. A first for me, and I’m rather nervous about it.
Good News: The surgery(and many other tests) may finally enable us to have children. Prayers needed and appreciated. 🙂

Bad News: Harland has a bad cold.
Good News: I don’t want to catch his cold, so I’ve been sleeping in the spare bedroom, a very girly room upstairs on my old iron bed.

Kitty says Hi and hopes all of you are well. She also asks that each of you mail her a can of tuna.


A laundry basket set in the sun: the perfect invitation for a Kitty nap.